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The #1 Thing You Must Do if You Have an Oracle ULA


As you all know, I’ve spent a lot of time in the Oracle licensing and contracting world. I’ve been looking at Oracle contracts (for Oracle and our clients) for over 20 years! I’ve seen them all. The Oracle ULA(Unlimited License Agreement) is one of Oracle’s most profitable contracting vehicles. Larry Ellison once said,

“We’d much rather sit down with a customer and agree on a company license, use as much as you need. Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) is our preferred license agreement.”

Clearly, Oracle loves the ULA. There’s a great reason for that.

Over the last 4 plus years at Palisade Compliance we’ve helped many clients manage their ULAs, get in new (better) ULAs, and get out of ULAs through certification. With this track record, Palisade Compliance is certainly not anti-ULA. If fact, we’ve helped several clients get into new ULAs in just the last several months.