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3 Lessons the NBA Teaches Us about the Failed Promise of ITOM Mega-Suites


It’s been a pleasure watching the Golden State Warriors extend upon one of the greatest records in team sports. Their 73 regular season wins eclipsed the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls by one game, and they are the odds on favorite to repeat as NBA champions.

What can we learn from these teams?

  • You need a leading scorer. Who is the most dominant force on the court? (Stephen Curry / Michael Jordan)
  • You need the right chemistry. Gather talented individuals committed to the organization’s philosophy.
  • You need an excellent coach with a clear vision. The best coaches in history prioritized a clear, stated winning philosophy and were part of championship teams when they were players (Steve Kerr / Phil Jackson).

As an amateur NBA aficionado, I cannot stress enough the importance of chemistry. Every great player, coach, general manager, and owner will tell you the same thing. I think about the Warriors (and the 00’s San Antonio Spurs, and the 90’s Bulls teams, and the 80’s Lakers/Celtics teams) when I think about the way enterprise IT leaders should approach IT operations management (ITOM) products and toolsets.