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Flexera Software Launches AdminStudio Suite 2016 and Workflow Manager 2016


Flexera Software, the leading provider of next-generation software licensing, compliance, security and installation solutions for application producers and enterprises, announced the latest release of AdminStudio Suite, the industry-leading unified Application Readiness solution for reliable packaging, virtualization and management of Windows, Mac and mobile applications.  In addition, the company unveiled the latest release of Workflow Manager, a Web-based end-to-end IT process management solution that tracks service-level agreements using out-of-the-box automation for change and asset management.  Workflow Manager also standardizes, coordinates and streamlines procurement, preparation, deployment, audit and retirement processes for engineers to get ahead of backlog packaging requests, and prepare for more frequent application update and migration projects.

AdminStudio Suite 2016 has added support for preparing Mac® applications for reliable deployment to JAMF Software® Casper Suite. These new capabilities will help organizations keep up with the increasing use of Mac computers in the enterprise and accelerated update and upgrade cadence.

“The client computing environment is increasingly driven by employee choice,” said Maureen Polte, Vice President of Product Management at Flexera Software. “IT is increasingly tasked with going beyond traditional personal computers to now support numerous Mac devices, and must manage applications in a cost-effective and productive manner across a diverse host of computers, laptops, bring your own devices (BYOD) and even wearables. Flexera Software is excited to help IT navigate in these complex environments, and adapt to the faster application release schedules they are faced with on a daily basis.”

“We leverage AdminStudio to keep pace with the growing demand for desktop applications,” said Paul Valente, IT Specialist at the Chicago Public School System. “Flexera Software is the industry standard for repackaging applications.”

“We deploy and test a majority of our applications with AdminStudio,” said Christopher Irish, IT Professional at Front Range Community College. “It is the easiest way to prepare for Application Readiness and is very feature-rich. I have used Flexera Software’s AdminStudio since version 11 and the improvements that have been included up to now, and the ease of use, is invaluable.”

“Many vendors and IT decision makers responsible for managing the delivery of high-quality IT services to corporate end users have several tools to support an increasing number of devices,” said Robert Young, Research Director of IT Service Management and Client Virtualization Software at IDC. “Unified Application Readiness stands to bridge traditional IT silos, and address those issues for organizations – helping to deter employees from bypassing IT, and creating a more simplified and secure environment.”

In addition to accelerating Mac and Windows migrations, AdminStudio Suite 2016 delivers myriad other new features enhancing organizations’ Application Readiness, including:

  • Configures and Tests Mac Applications for Deployment: Identifies which Mac applications are likely to experience compatibility issues to ensure they work as expected on employees’ devices. Customizes Mac .PKG installers to easily configure, test for OS X compatibility and prepare Mac applications for silent installation.
  • Publishes Mac Applications: Automates delivery of approved-Mac applications to JAMF Software Casper Suite, the industry leader in the Mac device management space, and App Portal for deployment.
  • Provisions Virtual Machines: Virtual machine automation for repackaging and testing saves time and improves packaging speed and quality.
  • Tests for Microsoft Azure Compatibility: Ensures Web applications are compatible and can be hosted on Windows Server and Azure platforms.
  • Tests EXE Installers for OS Compatibility and Virtualization Suitability: Automatically identifies MSI packages nested in EXE bootstrapper and tests to determine operating system compatibility. Runs virtualization tests against nested MSIs to determine suitability for virtualization.
  • Windows 10 Compatibility Enhancements : Software known to be incompatible with Windows 10.

New Enhancements to Workflow Manager 2016 also include:

  • Out-of-the-Box Automation: Automates tasks in all templates and extends APIs to support conditional logic.


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Today the business imperative is transforming from counting what you have to controlling, using and optimising software licenses – to more effectively utilise what you already have and purchase only what you need.

Flexera Software is the established global leader in Software Asset Management and License Optimisation solutions, enabling enterprises to gain visibility and control of IT assets, reduce ongoing software costs, and maintain continuous license compliance. These next generation software asset management capabilities are delivered as a comprehensive suite of enterprise software license management and license compliance solutions that optimise the management of software assets throughout the software lifecycle. Supporting both hardware and software asset management (HAM & SAM) across more than 17,000 publishers and 177,000 applications on the desktop and in the datacentre, including optimisation for IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Symantec, and VMware software.

The result is unprecedented control of your software estate, providing the strategic solution needed to drive upwards of 5-25% savings in annual software spend and continuous license compliance. Flexera Software’s FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises has been proven to deliver superior capabilities at every level of maturity across the full spectrum of licensing models in use today. So, whether you’re just getting started or striving for best-in-class optimisation across your entire enterprise, FlexNet Manager Suite has the capabilities you need to achieve the desired business outcomes.

Increase your software usage and value further by integrating Flexera Software’s other solutions including Application Readiness, Enterprise App Store, and Software Vulnerability Management, contact Flexera Software to find out more.

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