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ITAMOrg Partners with Redress Compliance on Oracle License Management Training & Certification


September 13, 2019 – International IT Asset Management Membership Organization ITAMOrg is set to launch a new training & certification program for Oracle License Management. The new training program is provided in partnership with Redress Compliance, a training and services consultancy focused entirely around managing all aspects of Oracle vendor relations. The program complements ITAMOrg’s portfolio of ITAM training and certifications in the areas of IT Asset Management thus further strengthening ITAMOrg’s position as a leading provider of ITAM training and certification.

The need for a specific program in a vendor specific area is substantial when it comes to dealing with Oracle. Organizations worldwide are relying on Oracle technology for their core operational ICT activities but are finding it increasingly difficult to manage relations with Oracle. The complexity of Oracle licensing models, contracts etc. can be challenging and represent a significant financial risk to many organizations. Managing this and Oracle as a strategic vendor and partner is key to reducing the financial risk and increasing the value in working with Oracle. Jesper Oestergaard, Chairman of ITAMOrg, explains the need of the program: “Vendor specific programs and licensing knowledge has been requested by our members for a while and we’ve looked into opportunities to fulfil this. The training program provided by Redress Compliance is the most comprehensive in the market and represents significant value to any organization having vendor relations with Oracle. The program complements strongly the ITAMOrg portfolio of training and certification provided worldwide in collaboration with EXIN & BCS”.

ITAMOrg is very pleased to announce the partnership with Redress Compliance that is setting new standards for managing vendor relations with Oracle. “Redress Compliance is growing quickly and is well on the way to establishing itself as leader in Oracle vendor management that goes way beyond traditional approaches to provide licensing knowledge. As Oracle technology becomes strategic to many organizations the importance of managing this cannot be stressed enough.”

The new program for Oracle License Management is launching now and contains an ITAMOrg certification and the first exam will be available before the end of the year.

About ITAMOrg

ITAMOrg is an international membership organization of IT Asset Management Professionals. With the mission to develop and strengthen the awareness & competencies in IT Asset Management best practices, ITAMOrg offers certified ITAM education. Furthermore, ITAMOrg connects stakeholders in the ITAM ecosystem through knowledge sharing and networking and conferences in order to enable transparency in licensing technology.
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About Redress Compliance

Redress Compliance Limited is on a mission to provide you with the best Oracle License Management Services.
Our clients in the US, EMEA and APAC regions benefit from our services in Oracle License Management, Training and Certification.

Redress Compliance is fully independent of Oracle.
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