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Is Your ITSM Solution a Lemon?


Under pressure to keep costs down, it’s tempting for IT leaders to maintain legacy solutions, upgrading when possible to add functionality. Staying the course with a legacy solution may seem like a smart, sensible sacrifice, but it can easily become a form of self-sabotage: Without a modern ITSM solution, your IT department will struggle to meet user needs, stay current with technology developments, and use its budget effectively.


Ever drive a car past its prime? You develop quirky workarounds to keep things functioning. You know that, to open the trunk, you have to tap three times on the license plate, for example, or you have to keep your speed either under 50mph or over 70mph to keep your rearview mirror from falling off. Take a ride in a newer car, though, and you’ll realize these workarounds disguise functionality flaws; newer cars aren’t just prettier—their features make them safer, more fuel efficient, and easier to drive.