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The IT Knowledge Base: Saving Time and Sanity


The help desk can be a labor-intensive job with many redundant tasks. IT professionals are challenged with answering the same questions from an endless stream of users, and essentially reinventing the wheel, all day every day. How many times does a request for a password reset come in? Shouldn’t there be a company-wide “how to” page to walk users through the process themselves? Not only does it save the technician time from hunting down someone who just submitted a ticket because they didn’t provide enough information, but the user is now out of the waiting game for a reply to their inquiry.

Wouldn’t it be nice to give users the confidence to do it themselves by having all the information they need readily available? Even better, wouldn’t it be nice to have a repository of information that never leaves the company?

An established knowledge base saves valuable time and energy so that it’s not wasted addressing the same questions and issues over and over again. It can contain all the information above — plus much more.