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“More of the same” from SAP?


We are hearing from an increasing number of customers that they are being told by SAP that in order to be eligible to continue purchasing “Limited Professional” license types after August 14th 2015, they must first submit a written definition of what constitutes a Limited Professional user in their environment.

Customers in the DACH (German, Austria, Switzerland) region tell us that they have been receiving letters from SAP, advising customers that they will no longer be able to purchase “more of the same” Limited Professional licenses unless they have submitted a definition to SAP by August 14th 2015. Essentially, what SAP wants is a definition that restricts the Limited Professional user to a specifically-described set of activities in the SAP software (which might include limited access to reports, time logged-in, approval rights for work orders etc.).  The onus on creating the definition is placed squarely on the customer organization.

If customers fail to provide a definition by this date their right to purchase more Limited Professional licenses expires and will no longer be available.