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Oracle has Extended the Oracle Marketing Cloud with Three New Innovations


Oracle Corporation Executive Chairman Larry Ellison, taking the stage at the company’s massive flagship tech conference in San Francisco last evening, unveiled plans to continue pushing into the cloud computing business while noting that the industry has still massive room to grow.

Oracle Gearing Up To Dominate The Cloud Market

While unveiling its new cloud service and applications directed at customers in e-commerce and manufacturing, including a tool that integrates with human resource applications of the company, Mr. Ellison emphasized on Oracle’s determination to dominate the cloud computing market.



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Birger is a Senior Business Consultant at Secorigo. Birger’s has a background as Principle Manager, Compliance & Optimization a the COMPAREX SAM-team in Denmark, where the primary responsibility was SAM-advise and analysis for several of the top 10 companies in Denmark.

Birger has for the past 10 years worked with software consultancy in both ITAM and ITIL areas, and is presently focused on SAM and the business perspective. He has vast experience in optimization of cost savings, processes and procedures. Birger is a certified trainer and has a unique ability to convey complex information in an simple and understandable way. Furthermore Birger has the great ability to think out of the box whilst maintaining focus on the task. This results often in new perspectives and alternative angles on well-known situations and challenges.

Besides all of this Birger is the main architect behind ITAMOrg education materials. Together with Jan Oberg, Director of ITAMOrg, Birger has spearheaded the development of both our Software Asset Management- and IT Asset Management Foundation course and certification. Birger is also one of the foremost trainers in ITAMOrg.

Birger is educated in Computer Science with specialties in e-commerce and IT-strategy. This high level of competencies is continuously developed and maintained through numeric courses and certifications

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