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Software Licensing Audit – The Triggers


The point when a Software Vendor chooses to perform a software review (an ‘audit’ in old money) of their software deployed within an organisation can be triggered by many different actions.

Whilst most vendors will deny it, the primary objective for auditing will be to recover revenue based on inappropriately or under licensed software (be it accidental or intentional).

A vendor will never tell you the real reason.

There are the more obvious triggers.

  • Vendors compliance teams compare the size of your software portfolio against that of your competitors.
  • Perceived unavailability of information relating to compliance position or controls.
  • Changes to infrastructure (e.g. virtualisation, consolidation, data centre moves).
  • Dropping maintenance and support.
  • Previous ‘non-compliance’ history.
  • It’s simply ‘your turn’ … however normally quantified by one of the other triggers.



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Established in 2002 in the UK, IT Asset Management Solutions (ITAMS) is a global, vendor independent, IT and software asset management consulting, technology and managed service company.

ITAMS was formed to assist organisations to reduce the cost and risks associated with managing IT hardware and software licence assets.

As one of the oldest IT Asset Management organisations globally, ITAMS have always approached managing software and IT assets from a 360-degree holistic view point, insuring that people, processes and technology are centric to the overall solution. Only with that in mind and coming from the position of trustworthy data are organisations then able to deliver true Hardware and Software Asset Management.

From this come the real benefits, where one is able to truly optimise its position and gain maximum value from an ITAM and SAM Programme.

With a wealth of talent and experience to call on, spanning 14 years in the industry, ITAMS are able to assist any type of organisation, whether it be advisory services through to a full on outsourced managed service.

ITAMS’ advisory, transition and managed services for Enterprise Licence Management (ELM 360) and IT Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM 360) have been built on strong market, industry and niche subject matter knowledge, gained from working with over 400 UK and global, private and public sector organisations, including many from the FTSE 500 and many with 10K-150K employees.

Services include:
• Consulting/Advisory Services: governance, serviceline design, business case, gap analysis, architecture, policy and process design to name a few;
• IT Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM 360) full-on service;
• Enterprise Licence Management (ELM 360) full-on service;
• Advice on Software Tool technology;
• Vendor Audit Defence;
• Education and Licensing-Hub knowledge web portal;
• Operational IT Asset & Licence Management resourcing.

For more information, please contact ITAMS.

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