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The Foundation of a Successful ITAM Program – In 5 Not So Easy Steps

If anyone ever tells you “It’s easy to establish a successful IT Asset Management (ITAM) program”, they are mistaken. It’s easy to establish an ineffective ITAM program, but what good is that? Let’s face it, establishing a successful ITAM program takes time, resources, money, and strategy with a solid foundation that your executives will support, and there’s nothing easy about all of that! Merriam-Webster states that “foundation” is the basis upon which something stands or is supported. Building a successful ITAM program starts with a solid foundation. You wouldn’t try to build a bridge without first knowing its purpose (is it for trains or automobiles?), where to build it, how tall it has to be, and how wide it should be. So why build an ITAM Program without first establishing a solid foundation with a strategy and plan that sets you up for success?

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