10 Areas of SaaS to Consider for Your ESM Vendor Search

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by | September 28, 2016

Just because a solution is deemed ITSM, doesn’t mean that they are an enterprise service management (ESM) solution. Looking into ITSM solutions, you must bring out your inner Jedi and get on a level playing field with business stakeholders to discuss their department’s requirements. In this situation, mind reading might be the optimal super hero skill for you but, unfortunately, you have to figure out what they want to achieve, today. From there it’s time to tackle the external — the solution requirements, where you find out what everyone’s pain points are. This process will leave you with clarity into not only who could benefit from ESM, but what exactly a particular solution can help them gain.

Once you have the internal and external requirements, take that treasure box of information and begin researching viable solutions. Understanding the needs of your enterprise versus just your IT team gives you a different perspective on what to look for in a solution. Pay close attention to whether or not the solution will support your requirements through configuration or code customization. Let’s highlight ten specific areas of SaaS that we believe are important to consider prior to your ESM vendor search…

SOURCE: samanage.com


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