10 Steps to Implementing an Effective IT Asset Management Plan

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by | June 12, 2015

IT support teams don’t only deal with IT and business services, they also manage all the physical and virtual asset components of a system.

Because those assets are the building blocks of an organization’s IT infrastructure, the idea of using some sort of IT asset management (ITAM) should be a consideration—especially as an IT system evolves. Many organizations have no knowledge about their IT asset infrastructure, while others have limited visibility of their planned and actual asset inventory. Streamlined asset management can bring down IT costs. ITAM plays a role in helping an organization define and control its IT infrastructure by maintaining data about the historical and current state of all assets.

ITAM also helps an organization stay compliant with its software licenses, prepare for audits and reduce legal as well as security risks. In this slide show, edited by eWEEK and featuring professional industry information from Prithiv RajKumar, marketing analyst at ManageEngine, we provide tips that will guide you in implementing an effective asset management process.

Click below for the slideshow.

SOURCE: eweek.com


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