15 ways to optimize your Azure costs

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by | October 27, 2020

Azure cost optimization is essential to your ongoing efforts to reduce cloud costs, or evt. to avoid them to sky rock.

And with a global health pandemic continuing to challenge us to find a new normal, cost optimization is at the forefront of many minds. We’ve talked a lot about the many different ways to optimize costs, but I’d like to offer a quick checklist for anyone getting started with cost optimization in Azure, as well as offer up a couple service-specific checklists for those using Azure SQL or Azure Backup.

First, let’s start with basics:

1. Before you start architecting your solutions, review and factor proven practices from the Azure Well-Architected Framework into your solutions.

2. If you already have solutions deployed, your next step is to review and take action on cost-saving recommendations in Azure Advisor.

3. Look for additional savings, up to 72 percent, for over 18 Azure and third-party services with Azure reservations.

4. Take advantage of unused on-premises Windows and SQL Server licenses with Azure Hybrid Benefit.

5. Make sure you understand how the services you use are charged with the Azure Pricing Calculator and architect your solutions in ways that maximize investments while minimizing costs.

If you’re using SQL in Azure, on-premises, or from another cloud provider, here are a few extra tips that might help you save even more on top of reservations, Azure Hybrid Benefit, and other Advisor recommendations:

1. Maintain business continuity in the cloud with free SQL Server licenses.


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