3 Advantages of a Codeless ITSM Solution for Higher Education IT Departments

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by | August 24, 2016

For IT organizations, the programming effort required to customize software solutions to meet the unique needs of the organization can hamper agility while requiring a generous budget. In contrast, a codeless solution, which allows you to configure your IT solution without actually writing code, gives your IT department the freedom to customize solutions in house, without the need to budget for software developers and consultants. Codeless design architecture also gives your IT department greater flexibility for project development.

Perhaps nowhere can codeless software have a greater impact than in the area of IT service management (ITSM), which is arguably IT’s greatest workload in the world of higher education. In the higher education setting, where departments are often strapped for resources and budget, opportunities for homegrown solutions are welcomed. TJ Martinez, Director of Customer Support for the University of New Mexico’s Core Information Technologies Department, appreciates the DIY element codeless architecture brings to their ITSM initiatives.

“You don’t need highly skilled developers and resources to make changes to the system,” explains Martinez.

SOURCE: cherwell.com


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