3 Reasons the Internet of Things Will Impact ITSM

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by | March 4, 2015

The Internet of Things (IoT) movement is a popular talking point across the IT and technology sector, and much of the focus has been on what the future implications are among a myriad of market segments. The IoT is not an isolated movement. It isn’t a consumer technology, an industrial solution or a business-specific advance. Instead, the IoT is, at its core, is about using increased connectivity to share data across a variety of devices to improve control and decision making.

Whether this comes out in the form of having an app on a refrigerator tell the oven to start preheating or a temperature sensor identifying rising temperatures in a pharmaceutical storage area and communicating this problem to a thermostat, the IoT is set to disrupt a variety of sectors. The breadth of the IoT segment ensures that support teams in just about every industry need to be ready to respond to the new technology capabilities, and the IoT will have a huge impact on IT service management strategies. Three ways this will be felt include:

SOURCE: smartdatacollective.com


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