4 Licensing Mistakes that May Boost Costs and Increase Risks

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by | March 8, 2016

Managing software licenses to guard against the disruption of failed audits or the excessive cost of overprovisioning has never been easy. According to industry analysts, licensing complexities have only increased in recent years.

“We’ve seen the number of software titles explode in customer environments over the past decade, and managing it all has gotten a lot more complex,” says Amy Konary, research vice president for software licensing at IDC. “The threat of an audit is very real, and companies shouldn’t wait until they’re facing one to get a handle on their software licenses.”

What’s the best way to avoid problems? Veterans say no single tool or policy can ensure license compliance while also keeping costs under control. The key is to recognize the importance of a formal software asset management (SAM) strategy.

SOURCE: biztechmagazine.com


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