4 Tips for Monitoring and Reducing Software Licensing Waste

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by | July 19, 2016

With public-sector budgets being notoriously tight, it is more important than ever for IT departments to make every dollar count. An effective method for organizations to stretch their IT budget is to look for ways to eliminate waste. Tracking down unused software licenses is a great place to start.

How much money can better software license management really save? According to a January 2015 report from 1E, wasted software licenses cost an average of $259 per desktop, a figure that quickly adds up when one considers the number of desktops in an organization.

The report’s figures were based on a four-year study that found global average waste of about 37 percent per company. In some organizations, the percentage of waste is much higher. According to the study, in the United States alone, organizations collectively wasted $30 billion dollars on unused software.

SOURCE: statetechmagazine.com


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