4 Ways Codeless Architecture Enables ITSM Initiatives to Scale

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by | May 13, 2016

In addition to being hindered by resource and costs restraints, ITSM leaders are perpetually pressed for time. In my twelve years in IT, I’ve never run into an IT leader who has an abundance of time. Managing critical applications and IT services requires timely coordination of people, processes, and tools, with adherence to service level and operational level agreements.

So, it’s no surprise ITSM leaders look at you as if you are crazy when you bring up the topic of new initiatives. They immediately think about the things they don’t have, including time to develop and scale a new initiative. These three different stages are important, and most initiatives go awry when it’s time to scale. In fact, most initiatives rarely leave the pilot stage because new demands and new objectives take priority. Because time is a finite resource, many great ideas and concepts flame out.

But, what if IT could reduce the time and associated costs spent running the business in order to devote more time to growing and transforming the business? The exercise would require an understanding of how IT spends their time, and then a plan for how to pragmatically reduce “run” time, so to increase “grow” and “transform” time, which is the true mandate for almost all IT organizations across the globe.

SOURCE: cherwell.com


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