4 Ways to Improve the IT Help Desk

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by | November 4, 2016

When you ask CIOs to rank their key areas of focus and investment, it is unlikely they’ll prioritize improving the IT help desk. You are much more likely to see things like big data analytics, security, cloud computing, and digitization. While IT help desk improvement is one component of infrastructure modernization, you rarely see an explicit reference to the help desk in strategic plans.

I find this interesting because as much as 50 percent of the perception of IT comes from an interaction with the IT help desk. Despite all the shiny and innovative initiatives the CIO delivers, it still boils down to what Janet Jackson asked on her album Control: “What have you done for me lately?”

If IT services begin performing sub-optimally—or stop working entirely—and cannot be restored quickly at the help desk, business users forget about all the value those services provided in the first place. Instead, they hone in on the inability to restore services, resulting in lost productivity.

SOURCE: cherwell.com


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