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4 Ways RFID Can Help You Meet ITAM Objectives


RFID is here!

Grocery stores seem to have a lot more self-checkout registers lately.

My grocery cart is usually full and then I am expected to act like a cashier because I have to scan each item myself, then pay a machine. I have estimated that I spend an extra 12 hours a year working as a cashier for the grocery store at the self-checkout register. I wish I could walk up to the register and in a split second, my basket is instantaneously scanned without ever having to remove an item from the grocery cart.

The technology available to make my wish come true is called Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID).

What is it then?

A tag contain a unique identifier similar to barcodes.

Tags are read by an RFID reader like barcode tags are read using a barcode scanner, however RFID readers use radio frequencies to communicate with a the tags instead of a line-of-sight scan as does a barcode scanner.


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Birger is a Senior Business Consultant at Secorigo. Birger’s has a background as Principle Manager, Compliance & Optimization a the COMPAREX SAM-team in Denmark, where the primary responsibility was SAM-advise and analysis for several of the top 10 companies in Denmark.

Birger has for the past 10 years worked with software consultancy in both ITAM and ITIL areas, and is presently focused on SAM and the business perspective. He has vast experience in optimization of cost savings, processes and procedures. Birger is a certified trainer and has a unique ability to convey complex information in an simple and understandable way. Furthermore Birger has the great ability to think out of the box whilst maintaining focus on the task. This results often in new perspectives and alternative angles on well-known situations and challenges.

Besides all of this Birger is the main architect behind ITAMOrg education materials. Together with Jan Oberg, Director of ITAMOrg, Birger has spearheaded the development of both our Software Asset Management- and IT Asset Management Foundation course and certification. Birger is also one of the foremost trainers in ITAMOrg.

Birger is educated in Computer Science with specialties in e-commerce and IT-strategy. This high level of competencies is continuously developed and maintained through numeric courses and certifications

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