5 Common Office 365 Myths

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by | May 10, 2016

One of the most common misunderstandings about Office 365 is the belief that it provides the traditional Microsoft Office suite via a web browser as a “lite” version, but with some added functionality like Skype and OneDrive. Most who think this also believe that Office 365 tools can only be used online.

Truth is, Office 365 is another way to deliver the Office tools, which are also installed on users’ devices, plus all the other rich functionality of Office 365 such as Skype for Business and Active Directory integration.

1. Moving to Office 365 requires an all-or-nothing commitment to the cloud.

Although Office 365 has cloud components, such as using Microsoft Azure cloud’s Active Directory Domain Services for identity management, SMBs don’t have to move to the cloud entirely. Most adopt a hybrid approach, moving one or a few applications like email, then more applications over time. SoftwareONE’s four-step process described later in this paper can help develop a carefully considered plan that aligns with an SMB’s needs and resources.

SOURCE: softwareone.com


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