5 Lessons from SAP Customers in UK and Ireland

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by | December 1, 2014

SAP’s user group conferences are a chance for the customers of the software vendor to get together and discuss technology. As IT infiltrates more areas of business the demands of enterprise software have only grown, leading to greater possibilities and problems for companies making use of IT.

This year’s event in Birmingham saw a number of controversial announcements from both the group and SAP itself, represented by the recently appointed UK&I managing director, Cormac Watters, among others. Here are the takeaways from the conference:

1) SAP must work on vertical relationships

Analysts have been wondering for some time how software vendors will respond to the rising amount of connected industrial devices being brought into play through the Internet of Things (IoT). While many firms have broad requirements, specific needs for vertical industry are becoming a greater concern to many.

In a survey of SAP users half said they felt their representative from the company had an insufficient understanding of their business needs, while a similar amount expressed an interest in industry-specific experts, should the company consider offering them in the future.

SOURCE: cbronline.com


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