5 Reasons to Pay More Attention to the CSAT Metric

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by | November 24, 2016

Who says feeling warm and fuzzy doesn’t count? We live in the age of the customer and the name of the game is customer satisfaction. Corporate service management organizations, like IT, know the importance of making customers feel good, and satisfying their product or service needs, during all parts of an interaction.

Looking for more intelligence into customer satisfaction? Behold the customer satisfaction metric, or CSAT for short. The metric tells you how happy (or unhappy) your current customers are with the entire interaction — from finding your contact information to the actual conversation (whether that be through email, chat, or social media), to closing the ticket. At the end of the interaction process, a survey is sent to the customer to rate their support experience. Once you have the data, you do a nifty calculation to get your actual CSAT score:

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-5-41-37-amThe importance of this metric hasn’t dwindled. As more departments in the organization (i.e. Finance, Marketing, Facilities) are orienting themselves as service departments, CSAT is more important than ever. In fact, companies, as a whole, need to understand that CSAT is not a metric to be swept under the rug.

SOURCE: samanage.com


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