5 Signs You’ll Face a Software Audit

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by | November 10, 2014

Software vendors constantly monitor the use of their products and wait quietly for companies to trigger switches that indicate they are ready to be audited. But exactly what is it that could trigger a vendor audit?

1. Merger or Acquisition

Trying to merge, consolidate, or otherwise blend systems can get very complicated. Sensible companies will call vendors to help rationalise software use.

2. Virtualisation and the Cloud

Easy to spray out of control, cloud licences need to be carefully monitored and maintained to ensure consistent compliance.

3. Expansion

Your company is growing, but your licence requirements aren’t. It may only take a passing comment like “X company is growing fast” and X company quickly receives an audit notice.

4. Change of Personnel

If your licensing specialist and/or manager decides to move company, your software suppliers will want to ensure that you have sufficiently controlled your licence requirements.

5. Uncertainty

Being vague or overly confident that you are being overcharged will entice a vendor to instigate an audit. Not having a sound understanding of your licensing position and revealing this to your suppliers is all the encouragement they need to start auditing you.


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