5 Steps to IT Asset Management Success

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by | February 16, 2016

Why do so many IT asset management (ITAM) programs fail? The short answer is simple: human error!

It may be more useful to ask why ITAM programs succeed. The answer: 20 percent technology, 80 percent effective policy and process, which boils down to communications, buy-in, accountability and teamwork. Policy and process are the foundations that keep ITAM programs from failing, but the key to success is almost always effective process management.

Why Is IT Asset Management Important?

IT asset management is increasingly complex, with intensified public information access through cloud computing, social networking, mobile data and free software combined with intensified security and regulatory requirements. Failure to communicate and enforce policies can spell disaster for any organization. Risk management factors alone are reason enough for establishing, communicating and enforcing effective ITAM policies and procedures.

SOURCE: enterpriseappstoday.com


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