5 Take-aways from Gartner’s Data Management Summit

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by | March 16, 2015

CBR attended Gartner’s, “Enterprise Information and Master Data Management Summit,” where data use and data roles were the subject of choice. Don’t worry if you couldn’t attend because CBR has compiled a list of some of the most interesting takeaways.

1. CEO’s think they have a good data strategy – they don’t.

Debra Logan, VP and Gartner Fellow spoke about the difference of opinion between Gartner and CEO’s who state that they recognise data as a corporate asset.

While this may be the case, the reality is that many do not have a good data strategy in place.

Logan informed us that the majority of CEO’s state that they are spending large amounts on data, however much of it is duplicated, outdated, redundant and trivial data.

It is estimated that £13.2 million is being wasted each year due to problems caused by poor data quality and one of the causes of this can be attributed to a poor data strategy.

SOURCE: cbronline.com


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