5 Tips for Factoring Software into Disaster Recovery Plans

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by | November 14, 2014

When it comes to disaster recovery, everyone understands the necessity of backing up data. But what about software distributions and keys — are those kept in a safe place and accessible in the event that an organization needs to reinstall applications?

Software is an important part of continuity of operations plans and must be protected. What follows here are some best practices for taking appropriate steps in advance to restore systems and software when needed.

1. Organize and protect software assets.

If you’re not already doing so, create a folder where a copy of CDs, DVDs or downloads including .iso, .zip, .exe and .vib files, among others, are kept. Also include a copy of software license keys, proof of ownership certificates and installation instructions.

The decision to keep an .iso disk image format will come down to your preferences and planned usage. I keep some things such as new bare metal or virtual bare metal servers in .iso format, while storing other things in easier-to-use expanded folders for builds or re-installations. Do not forget about firmware for hardware, BIOS updates or other patches and device drivers.

SOURCE: biztechmagazine.com


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