6 Reasons why Cloud Hosting is the Future

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by | March 23, 2016

Cloud computing is now commonplace in industry – nearly 90% of UK businesses are thought to use services such as UK2 VPS Cloud Hosting or access certain applications through a web browser. With large companies especially, often they will use more than one supplier. There remains immense potential for expansion in the future though. Here’s what we’re likely to see more of over the next few years.

Customised Services

Cloud computing runs the gamut from Infrastructure as a Service – your databases, to Software as a Service – your CRM systems, your financial applications, encompassing platforms such as application builders. We’re likely to see a rise in the number of niche or customised Cloud services becoming available, especially from the major players, who will also be aiming at greater localisation. This will give businesses of all types and sizes more choice and flexibility. Personalised plans may become the norm.

SOURCE: techshout.com


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