7 Reasons You Should Be Managing Your IT Assets More Strategically

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by | May 18, 2015

It’s time to get your strategic head on. Managing your valuable IT assets is important, but not just from a technical aspect  – consider them also from financial, productivity and operational performance aspects too. It’s not exactly a game of Risk but without strategic thought you’ll be taking plenty of risks with your business. Here are seven reasons to change the way to manage your IT assets…

Patches: Would you leave your office door unlocked at night or your company credit card pin number out on show for all to see? No, thought not. By the same token, you really shouldn’t leave your software open to hackers. Patches are there for a very good reason – protect your valuable IT assets by making sure they’re installed. Strategy goes hand in hand with safety – by managing your assets effectively you’ll guard against issues and, when needed, be able to react quickly to fix problems.

Energy waste: It’s important to keep a close eye on your bills and on your green credentials and you can do both at once by cutting out energy waste. Strategic management of IT will help to eliminate the cost and waste associated with poorly performing hardware and unnecessary software that runs in the background and eats power.

SOURCE: jewishbusinessnews.com


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