8 DevOps Lessons IT Can Teach The Enterprise

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by | February 8, 2016

DevOps has changed the way IT looks at agile. Now there are lessons from the shift that IT can share with the rest of the enterprise.

We live in an Agile world. Business cycles are faster and market demands more critical. Into this world, DevOps have appeared to shorten the time between idea and product and introduce speed and flexibility into the entire IT organizations. The question is whether the IT department is the only business unit that can benefit from a DevOps approach.

For years we’ve been told that CIOs and IT executives should be business leaders, not just technology gurus. One way to prove business leader bona fides is to share best practices with colleagues in other business units — to “infect” those units with the philosophies and practices that are successful in IT.

SOURCE: informationweek.com


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