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by | September 19, 2019

IT Asset management (ITAM) is a big deal. And, like pretty much anything else in technology, ITAM is changing fast.

So fast, in fact, that many organizations are struggling to manage devices without help. Fortunately, ITAM vendors can add tremendous efficiency and business value to these initiatives – provided you know what to look for.

How Did We Get Here?

ITAM complexity didn’t happen overnight. A number of trends and factors have contributed to where the industry stands today. Chief among them is the need to manage hybrid solutions and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products that are growing more and more commonplace at the enterprise level.

But that’s not all. Highly customized asset management solutions are becoming increasingly popular at work, resulting in unique processes and more difficult projects that require specialized employee skills and knowledge to secure technologies and satisfy users.

And, without integrated, automated tools to assist ITAM, more organizations than ever are finding it difficult to increase efficiency, comply with policies and regulatory requirements, and perform daily tasks. This is especially prevalent if service desk systems need to be connected with asset management platforms to improve overall workflow and communications.

How Can ITAM Vendors Add Value?

While your IT department may have the expertise to perform ITAM, it probably doesn’t have the time or resources required to focus solely on these initiatives when telecom, mobility, and traditional desktop technologies need attention too.

Fortunately, vendors and third-party solutions can help – and the increasing volume and specialization they exhibit are making it possible to address virtually any potential use case your organization may encounter.

These outsourced providers serve as a one-stop shop for licensing and asset management tools, giving you the practical strategies to implement advanced technologies and upgrade IT by collecting data, integrating systems, and communicating feedback directly into on-premise asset management databases.

Using a vendor also outsources the burden of custom development and employee knowledge/skills development to help your internal resources stay focused on strategic initiatives that drive business growth. Their integration and automation potential makes it possible to use the latest and greatest asset management tools without upfront capital investments or incurring ongoing infrastructure maintenance costs.

Some vendors can even offer actionable products and services that consolidate disparate asset management and service desk initiatives into one platform – giving you a new level of understanding, usability, and optimization for all legacy processes involved.

10 Traits Your ITAM Vendor Needs

As your potential ITAM partner lists grow by the thousands, finding the ideal offering has never been more important than it is today. But where do you start? And how do you sift through the sheer amount of information available to avoid paralysis by over-analysis?

While your needs are no doubt unique, every organization can start from the same place to rule out obvious bad fits. Here are ten traits your ITAM vendor needs to have:

Positive Reputation
We live in the age of customer reviews – and fortunately technology has made these analyses easier than ever to find. Your vendor should not only have extensive ITAM experience, but a glowing reputation among the industry and its longstanding clientele.

The best solution fails to deliver business value if it can’t meet your expectations and satisfy your needs. Make sure any outsourced solution you consider doesn’t just have the technologies you require – but the tools and expertise to implement these ITAM upgrades at the exact right time.

Your asset management is an ongoing process, and any partner you choose needs to be as invested as you are for the long haul. Evaluate a vendor’s commitment to innovation before you make an fficand scope.

Expert Negotiator
As ITAM grows more complex, the likelihood you’ll need additional asset management products, services, and systems increases. A vendor that can help you identify the best solutions and negotiate optimal rates can go a long way to providing business value.

While a partner should be easy to work with, at the end of the day they need to help you drive strategic technology management initiatives to improve business, too. Therefore, it’s critical your vendor has the ability to effectively communicate with all aspects of your organization – they need to speak more than just IT’s lingo.

More and more assets are being lumped into today’s IT departments, making efficiency king. If your vendor can’t design time- and resource-efficient asset management systems, it’s likely to cause headaches and added difficulties tomorrow.

Follows Directions
A Vendor has individual strengths and weaknesses, but if it’s not concerned with yours it probably won’t provide the intimate understanding your technology management environment truly deserves. And that’s not a recipe that leads to future success…

Risk Averse
Is your potential ITAM partner as scared of risks as you are? The short answer is they should be. An outsourced vendor solution should be as heavily invested in success as you are – and therefore helping you to eliminate, avoid, and overcome advanced asset management threats as frequently as possible.

Piggybacking off the previous trait, a vendor’s job is far from complete when it comes to being aware of your asset management threats. It needs to offer proven answers to help you handle these risks. If not, what exactly are you paying them for?

No Asterisks, Fine Print, or Unclear Contracts

Your ITAM team has enough to worry about without trying to understand unclear contract rules, terms, or conditions. If a vendor doesn’t make its solutions visible and accessible to your employees, it’s a red flag that indicates they probably aren’t capable of providing the level of service your business needs.


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