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by | July 3, 2017

SAP license management proves to be a challenge for every license manager. Especially with regards to Indirect Access and engine consumption, it is not enough just to correctly classify your users.
Preparing for the annual system measurement really is no easy task. You have assigned your user licenses to your best knowledge; however, when looking at the LAW results they do not show the expected results. Even if you rely on a special SAM software for correct license distribution, it is no guarantee for the LAW results to match with the numbers from your software.
Apart from allocating licenses, you may also want to invest some time in researching any possible cases of Indirect Access or excessive engine consumption in order to prevent any penalty fees or lawsuits. However, it most certainly involves more time and personnel than you have available at the time you receive your invitation to the system measurement.

Active SAP License Management saving time & ensuring compliance
Therefore, we recommend that you understand SAP license management as a continuous task throughout the year. After all, an active SAP license management is your safety net. Especially if you already use a software tool to assign your named-user licenses based on actual usage, like reinsurance company Hannover Rück showed during their talk at the ITAM Conference 2017. This allows you to find out which licenses you really need and make strategic purchase decisions at an early stage.
If the tool can also help you detect any critical cases of Indirect Access and assist you with measuring your engine consumption, even better. Then you only have to invest some time in the configuration of your tool and adjust it to any company-specific conditions from the SAP contract. Without much to reckon, you now know best how much time and effort this will save you in the future. And we have not spoken about money yet. With a usage based license distribution, you ensure compliance and successfully avoid penalty fees or unbudgeted license purchases.


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