Adobe Stock simplifies licensing and working with images

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by | June 17, 2015

With the 2015 release of Creative Cloud, a new app has debuted to help simplify licensing and working with stock images. Adobe Stock is a new standalone service that integrates with Creative Cloud to provide world-class images in a simple, easy-to-use application. Adobe Stock is the result of the company’s acquisition of Fotolia in January 2015.

Adobe Stock puts high-impact content at your fingertips, and is deeply integrated with the Creative Cloud desktop applications. Adobe will offer a pay-per-image price of $9.99. In addition, subscriptions will be available to those who frequently use stock images. For $49.99, you can download and use up to 10 images per month, and the plan is reduced to $29.99 monthly for Creative Cloud subscribers. Unused licenses roll over from one month to the next, unlike most other stock photo services. For large-scale stock image downloads, $199.99 gets you up to 750 licensed photographs each month.



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