Amazon Launches Business E-Mail Service

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by | February 5, 2015

Your next office meeting might get a little scheduling help from Amazon, if the online retailer has its way. That’s because Amazon announced it is expanding its services to include a suite of e-mail, contacts and calendar-booking resources designed with enterprise clients in mind.

Called Amazon WorkMail, the services will allow workers to use applications and clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, a Web browser, or the native iOS and Android apps, to connect with its offering. Amazon said it would provide the services to enterprise clients who won’t have to buy any hardware or complex e-mail server software. The company said Amazon WorkMail can integrate with existing corporate directories and has enterprise-level security features.

Better Security Than Cloud-Based Email

Amazon is positioning WorkMail, which is being sold through its Amazon Web Services division, as a tool for companies that don’t want to host e-mail services on their on-premises servers, but need more security features than are available on existing cloud e-mail services.

The company said it would offer strong encryption key management and full control over data location, major selling points for many IT departments. Enterprise clients will also be able to pay only for the individual mailboxes they create, a potentially critical feature for smaller companies.



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