An Answer to the Growing Complexity of Enterprise Storage

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by | August 6, 2015

For many businesses, storage has become too complex and expensive. The state of storage systems keeps growing every year due to increasing data volume associated with all the different applications.

Keeping up with this pace is actually the largest spend in many companies’ IT budget.

The ever-growing demand for storage may be one of the largest IT obstacles, including both management complexity (OPEX), as well as scalability issues (CAPEX).

Software-Defined Storage Resolves Enterprise Data Challenges

Parag Patel, VMware’s VP of Worldwide sales for Software-Defined Storage, challenges an emerging, cost-effective way to overcome enterprise storage challenges: when overall asset productivity is considered, existing enterprise storage methodologies is not nearly productive enough given the growing requirements and costs associated with this storage. This gap is costing customers enormous sums every year, so adjusting the asset productivity curve is quite possibly the best answer.VMware Virtual Storage Area Network (vSAN) is a radically simple solution that brings a fundamentally different operational model to storage, and reduces the overall cost by over 50%. vSAN is the most scalable and cost-effective storage solution for vSphere VMs.



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