Analytics: Inside the Competition for Insights

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by | January 30, 2015

Big data has been a perennial focus of discussion, investment and research over the last three years. However, while leading tech giants – such as Google, Amazon and Facebook – have profited from navigating through the waves of information, many organisations are still struggling against immature technology and a lack of skilled talent to realise any tangible benefits.

2014 bore witness to further adoption of business intelligence (BI) driven strategies among enterprises. Organisations competing on analytics are to be found across all industry sectors as more enterprises seek to improve their value propositions, engage with customers on levels previously unavailable and build entirely new revenue streams.

However, Gartner reports there is still less than 30% adoption of BI throughout enterprises, as it remains the domain of professional analysts and managers viewing reports on dashboards. Further, business leaders are questioning whether big data, and analytics overall, is appropriate for the mass market or whether BI strategies will only work in organisations such as Amazon and Google – where there is a natural fit and a smoother adoption due to the prevalence of skilled resource.



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