by | November 16, 2015

Is automating SAM processes a fantasy or reality

Allocated licenses laying unused; potential new users frustrated at the lack of available licenses…

A situation we’re all familiar with and one that almost certainly needs a more efficient way of working. But how? Could automation provide the answer? Anyone with a decent Software Asset Management (SAM) platform, that includes the ability to monitor software usage and license allocation, will already be able to manually identify opportunities to reclaim unused licenses from across the network.  But that’s a manual process and therefore at best time-consuming, or at worst just doesn’t get done.

So how about a SAM platform that could automatically check and re-harvest software licenses based on a clear set of criteria that can be continually monitored without the need for manual intervention?  SAM teams are freed up to concentrate on more skilled tasks and the organization benefits from a more seamless and efficient process.



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