Back to Basics: What is IT Change Management?

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by | July 26, 2016

In today’s “Back to Basics” blog post, we’re going to look at something that every organization, big or small, goes through: change. More importantly, we’re going to discuss the impact of change, and how to manage it in a way that creates a smooth transition.

IT Change Management

In IT terms, change is defined as modifications or alterations to an organization’s technology infrastructure. Change can be very disruptive and cause confusion across a business. A comprehensive IT change management plan can help ensure a smooth implementation process, guiding systems, end users, and IT staff through the transitional period. Change management can also help organizations choose the best direction by weighing the need for change with the associated costs and risks.

Innovations of today’s tech world such as cloud computing, mobile devices, social media, and big data have brought along enormous changes to IT service desks. Changes such as these can not be ignored, and thus IT change management is nothing short of a necessity.



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