Is Big Data the Crystal Ball into 2017?

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by | November 15, 2016

The mustaches of Movember may be growing, but it’s also the time of year to look ahead and into the digital transformation of 2017. More specifically, how will big data continue to make waves? 2016 has shown a surge of companies adopting big data and IoT, and then realizing the intelligence behind it. Not only that, but there is huge opportunity to find valuable insights within social data and the ever-increasing community of mobile applications. So, what are some of the exciting big data trends we should be on the lookout for next year?

Floating in the Cloud…Continues

The chance of us coming down from the cloud is slim to none. Hybrid and public cloud services continue to increase and we stand at the crossroads of a marriage between data storage and analytics, unleashing new possibilities of managing massive amounts of data sets. A main driver to the success of big data and the cloud is running both Spark or Hadoop on an elastic infrastructure. You don’t want to be stuck with the inability to scale your business as it continues to grow and require larger data workloads.



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