BMC Aims to Reduce Mainframe Software Licensing Costs

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by | March 10, 2015

BMC recently introduced what it says are new capabilities in its mainframe management suite which are aimed at helping CIOs and IT executives reduce IBM Monthly License Charge (MLC) software costs.

BMC Cost Analyzer delivers a combination of analytics and actionable intelligence that help business leaders gain visibility into hidden charges. The solution is designed to help IT leaders better manage their mainframe budget and reduce MLC costs by up to 20 percent through workload placement.

The surging growth of mobile, Internet of things (IoT) and big data analytics is increasing mainframe workloads, BMC says, and this is driving up the charges for key mainframe enabling software. The cost of MLC software can represent 30 percent or more of the total mainframe budget — more than the cost of the hardware, and often more than the cost of the mainframe IT staff.



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