BSA Continues Push Against Illegal Software in Australia

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by | August 2, 2016

With Asia Pacific having the highest overall rate of unlicensed software (61%) of anywhere in the world, it is no surprise to see the BSA very active in Australia. Twenty per cent of users in Aus’ are reckoned to be utilizing unlicensed software, this despite the clear link between it and cyberattacks. Although rates are dropping, this is gradual and will need real focus and effort to eradicate it altogether.

It looks very much like firm and publicized legal action is a key part of BSA’s strategy to get users in Australia to change their software use behaviour. We have highlighted earlier in the year in this blog item about BSA member Microsoft’s new emphasis on software piracy across the country, so increased activity from the BSA itself is no surprise.

$20K offered to employees who ‘fess up their bosses

To aid in this BSA are now offering $20,000 to “… eligible recipients who disclose accurate information regarding unlawful copying or use of BSA members’ software…” This approach seems to be working. The first case of where this was paid to an employee was reported in May this year when a West Australian metalwork company settled a case for $100,000 for the illegal use of Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft software.




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