Building a Business Case for SAM

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by | March 8, 2016

There are a number of factors that prevent organizations adopting a SAM program and typically these involve senior management within the company. These can range from having higher priorities to not really understanding the opportunities SAM can generate.

The only way to gain acceptance for a SAM program is to build a comprehensive business case that will clearly show the costs and benefits for implementation as opposed to the risks of doing nothing. Put in simple terms, the one key criteria that will decide on whether the plan goes ahead will be its impact on your organization’s bottom line.

Framework for the business case

There are a number of ways you phrase this argument. Many people will be tempted to use the Governance, Risk management and Control (GRC) model, but probably a better framework is the one suggested by The ITAM Review.

This involves building the framework around 3 factors that are of particular importance to IT but will also resonate with senior management: Compliance, Efficiency and Agility.



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