Busting 6 myths about DevOps

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by | April 23, 2015

Just as with any transformational and disruptive movement, DevOps can be misunderstood or mischaracterized. Here are some of the top DevOps myths.

DevOps replaces Agile

DevOps is absolutely compatible with Agile. In fact, DevOps is the logical continuation of the Agile journey that was started in 2001, because we now know that the real definition of “done” is not when development is done coding. Instead, code is only “done” when it has been fully tested and is operating in production as designed. (Note that Agile is not a prerequisite for adopting DevOps.)

DevOps replaces ITIL

Although some may view DevOps as backlash to ITIL (the IT Infrastructure Library) or ITSM (IT Service Management), DevOps and ITIL are compatible, too. ITIL and ITSM remain the best codifications of the processes that underpin IT Operations, and actually describe many of the capabilities needed in order for IT Operations to support a DevOps-style work stream.

SOURCE: opensource.com


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