Is the Buzz Around ITIL Fading?

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by | May 12, 2016

What’s more relatable than having to work with an outdated process? It might have been a good idea back when your boss was at his first entry-level job, but times have changed, and it feels like everyone but your boss realizes that. That never happens in IT, right? IT is so entrenched with the advances in technology that part of your job is just making sure that your coworker (finally) updates their operating system to the latest version. It just wouldn’t make sense if IT processes were outdated, right?!

But, here’s some unfortunate news: The standard to which we uphold almost all of our processes might not be all that cool anymore. That’s right, there’s been rumblings about the dated nature of ITIL. But while every school of thought has some criticism, ITIL seems to be criticized where it could perhaps be the most damaging: In regards to the very technology it was designed to help manage. If IT’s touchstone for service delivery is outdated, what does that mean for the future of IT in the enterprise?



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