by | May 16, 2016

Time and time again we see software publishers scaremongering users with a need to upgrade to the ‘latest & greatest’ version of their products.

Is this really hype or are there actually benefits in doing this?

Starting with and stating the obvious, never neglect updating your anti-virus and anti-malware (OK, updating rather than upgrading but equally as valid). The risks to corporate data and networks along with any potential negative publicity, outweigh any ‘savings’ you may think you are achieving.

With a valid maintenance contract you could already have paid for the cost of the upgrade licence with your software publisher, avoiding potentially costly upgrade costs… but make sure these upgrades are performed within the term of the maintenance otherwise you may lose the right (and access to the media).

Many organisations claim that it is too costly to upgrade their applications.

Is this really the case? Do they factor in some of the hidden costs and benefits?



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