The Clock is Ticking: Are you Ready for Microsoft’s Volume Licensing Transformation?

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by | May 13, 2016

With only two months left in Microsoft’s Fiscal Year ending June 30, you’re probably wondering why I’m writing a blog post now on Microsoft’s Volume Licensing (VL) transformation. Change is constant in Microsoft licensing, so a firm understanding of Microsoft’s plans to transform its VL models and platforms will be integral to your current and future decision-making process on the acquisition and consumption of software and services.

Let’s dissect the three changes that will have an immediate impact on how commercial organizations acquire Microsoft products moving forward.

Select Plus End of Purchase

As detailed in an earlier blog post, organizations can no longer make purchases under their existing Select Plus Agreement after their first anniversary date following July 1, 2016. Consistent with other program changes, there will be certain exceptions to the rule as defined by Microsoft. However, the majority of organizations will soon have a decision to make on how to acquire software licenses in the future.



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