How the Cloud and ITIL Still Get Along

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by | June 24, 2016

ITIL and its various incarnations has served IT well for decades. But the last major revision in 2007 came before the rapid developments in big data, cloud computing, and mobile technologies. Have these innovations made ITIL obsolete? Absolutely not. Many successful workplaces still implement ITIL effectively, while others are thriving in cloud environments. Is it possible that, with planning, ITIL and the cloud can teach each other some lessons, thereby making both aspects of IT more effective, efficient, and profitable?

What ITIL Can Learn From Cloud Computing

ITIL is all about structure. Developed by the government for the government, it was adapted after the fact to suit business purposes. Currently, the library is under reconstruction to address issues like cloud computing and mobile technology, and a 2011 edition did partially address some of these IT newcomers. While ITIL is about making processes better, cloud computing is agile and automates many of the things that were so time-consuming and cumbersome with ITIL. If ITIL can adapt to a freer model that takes advantage of the automation provided by the cloud, while still keeping focus on what the business does, what the customers of that business need, and what can be improved upon within the current processes, ITIL will be better off with the cloud.



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