Cloud Storage: Ways You’re Wasting Money

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by | May 19, 2015

Although Cloud computing is widely touted as being a cost-effective alternative to traditional on-site IT, rushing into adoption can lead to some startling inefficiencies. Here are some of the key areas of waste that can so easily occur:

Contractual Scope

Cloud storage can encourage many short-term benefits, but consideration should be given to the long-term effects. Introductory offers expire and so while an initial offer from a Cloud vendor may seem appealing and superficially cheaper than on-site hosting, it is essential to weigh up the long term costs and to consider the wider ramifications of the deal to which you will be committing to.

Capacity and Service Levels

A study from Information Week found that over a fifth of IT decision-makers are not aware as to whether or not their employer has contingencies in place to accommodate unexpected costs resulting from the use of Cloud storage. The flexibility of the Cloud is great for dealing with changing capacity requirements, but this can lead to equally flexible pricing that packs an unexpected punch. Capacity commitments require accurate sizing and service level agreements (SLAs) must be appropriate to the sensitivity of the application.

Properly preparing yourself for Cloud storage adoption will leave you and your organisation in a good position for the future, ensuring that you benefit from economies of scale without excessive expenditure.



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