Complete IT Asset Lifecycle Management Best Practices

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by | June 4, 2015

How confident are you in your ability to account for your Hardware and Software assets? In today’s complex IT environments CIO’s and CFO’s are grappling with the need to ensure that the company’s investments that they make are leveraged to their fullest extent but, in fact, most companies do a poor job of managing their hardware and software. They rely on manual efforts, excel spreadsheets, or homemade databases to track software licenses and physical assets. This results in a poor understanding of where these assets are leveraged, which ones are no longer used, and whether software utilization is in compliance with existing agreements.

Instead of optimizing the investment, companies syphon costs from innovative investments by overspending on physical and software assets; moreover, they are exposed to software compliance fine and audit costs due to the poor understanding of the utilization of these assets.



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