A Customer Asked Oracle for ULA Help and Here’s What Happened

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by | April 5, 2016

For years now I’ve been writing and telling people to be very careful when asking Oracle for help with your license compliance position or cost reduction plans. When I founded Palisade, I never thought I would be in the business of helping companies defend themselves from Oracle. My original business plan was to help my clients negotiate new deals with Oracle. However, the first four clients that walked through the virtual door all had the same problem. They needed help to reduce Oracle costs. They went to their sales rep for assistance and that sales rep facilitated an LMS audit that resulted in millions of dollars of penalties and alleged noncompliance. The story below is very similar.

  1. Oracle customer wants help certifying a ULA.
  2. Customer goes to Oracle for help.
  3. Customer is subject to a stealth audit and threatened with millions of dollars on penalties/noncompliance and even termination of all their licenses.

Four years later and it’s the same old story from Oracle…

This is an aggregated piece of content originally written by Craig Guarente of Palisade Compliance. Please click below to view the original piece in full.

SOURCE: palisadecompliance.com


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